SI-Classic M250 – M260

The Premium Module with a top value-for-money rating in a classic design and a silver frame. In our proven SI Module quality with European components.

Product features

  • Top level yield throughout the module’s entire service life
  • Particularly good diffuse light output
  • European components
  • Long-term product and capacity guarantee
  • Traceability of raw materials to manufacturer’s batch
  • Maximum load of up to 5400 Pa
  • High altitude edition with optional load of 7200 Pa
  • Extra yield through positive sorting
  • 100% PID-free


The quality of SI Modules is measurable und has been verified by independent institutions. Even if the aesthetic design of the modules is appealing: customers expect SI Modules to provide highest possible yields at all times – regardless of the weather conditions.

Download of PV module certificates

SI Module manufacturing

  • Production exclusively in Freiburg
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • 100 % EL tested
  • Careful selection of components
  • Continual process development
  • Certified production facility

SI Module technology

  • 3-busbar connector
  • Fully insulated cells
  • Interconnection with state-of-the-art laser technology
  • Anti PID technology
  • Ammonia corrosion testing IEC 62716
  • Salt spray test IEC 61701