What are the fire protection classes of double glazed modules?

SI Module provides the double glazed modules with an increased level of fire protection.

Does SI Module also deliver in small tranches?

We deliver from 25 modules up. This equals one pallet.

Who installs the SI modules?

SI modules are installed by solar experts. Please contact us if you require a local installer. We already have a constantly expanding network of established installation partners.

Does SI Module have a DIBT approval for their double glazed modules?

SI Module is currently in the certification phase. The results of the first tests for the DIBT approval were very positive.

Does SI Module have a certification for France?

Yes, in addition to the standard certifications, SI Module also has an ETN permit.

How many cells do the SI modules have?

We can offer you standard modules with 48 or 60 cells.

What are the delivery times for customers?

3-4 weeks for standard products. Small quantities are kept in stockand are available immediately.

How can you provide long-term guarantees?

 The owners of SI Module are financially sound investors or owners who conduct business on a long-term basis.

Are SI modules manufactured in Germany?

All SI modules are manufactured from European components in our solar factory in Freiburg, Germany.

The surface of my roof faces east-west. Does it still make sense to install a solar system?

Yes, absolutely. The yield amounts to 80%-90% of an ideally aligned system.

How big does a PV system have to be for a family of four?

The size of the system does not have to depend on consumption.  A family with a reasonable energy consumption level (approx. 300 kWh per year) is able to cover its annual requirements with an output of 3 kWp, this equals approx. 21m². If, in addition, a heat pump is to be operated, then a larger system will be required.

Where can I buy PV modules?

We sell and deliver our modules directly to specialised retailers. If you are a specialised retailer, please contact our sales department directly. If you are an end customer we recommend that you contact your local installer. We would be glad to refer you to a specialised retailer in your area.

Why are SI modules more ecological than others?

SI Module produces its goods by means of the shortest possible transportation routes and in accordance with European environmental regulations.

Does SI Module also sell modules from other manufacturers?

SI Module only sells modules manufactured in its factory in Freiburg.

Where are SI modules manufactured?

 All SI modules are manufactured in our own solar factory in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.