Solar energy at its most beautiful

SI-Saphir: The innovative solution for all types of roofing

Outstanding design

Be it a conservatory, a pergola or a carport: SI-Saphir is the intelligent and aesthetic alternative to conventional glass roofing and eliminates the need for costly shading technology. With a light transmission of 40 %, this frameless double glazed module provides ideal light conditions, while as a solid source of solar energy it generates cash at the same time. The discreet connection technology enables seamless integration into all spatial concepts.

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Veranda Weberhaus

Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2015

Well thought out – down to the last detail

SI-Saphir is used like ordinary glass. The corresponding top quality mounting systems guarantee stability and tightness. A user-friendly plug system makes it really easy to connect so that only the initial set-up has to be carried out by an electrician. Standard dimension: 1,500 x 1,000 x 9 mm or 1,660 x 776 x 9 mm (special sizes possible).

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Energy Plus: Provide your customers with more than just a roof!

SI-Saphir is a worthwhile investment because additional costs amortize rapidly in comparison to a normal glass roof: After only 4 years according to our example. After this a 20 m² patio roof provides yields of approx. €500 p.a.

Made in Freiburg – Functional and robust with a high performance

SI-Saphir stands for uncompromising premium quality from Germany. Raw materials can be traced back to the manufacturer’s batch and guarantee ideal performance and top load capacity.

  • High quality components
  • Optional monocrystalline or bifacial cells
  • Continuous high yields (100 % PID-free)
  • Extra yields through positive sorting
  • Micro connectors and connection box
  • Laminated safety glass for maximum stability
  • High snow and wind loads (7,200 Pa)

  • Simple assembly system
  • Frameless construction
  • Outstanding carbon footprint
  • Award-winning design
  • Optimal cell spacing
  • High performance in diffuse light conditions
  • DIBt approval no. Z-70.3-204