Now it’s colorful!

The colour miracle Enduro M Skin creates completely new opportunities for the aesthetic design of solar facades – allow yourself to be amazed by its versatility!

Building-integrated photovoltaics – new perspectives for solar construction

Up to now photovoltaic modules have mostly been mounted on to existing roofs without paying attention to aesthetic details. By means of today’s concepts for building-integrated photovoltaic systems, parts of the building envelope can be entirely replaced with solar modules. Furthermore, they provide additional functions, reduce costs and visually enhance the appearance of the building. Apart from classic energy generation, further functions such as wind and weather protection, thermal insulation and shading also play a role.

Building envelopes with additional benefits

Our Enduro Skin-Module is perfectly suited for recladding your facade and for producing climate friendly energy as well. An additional benefit for architects and owners alike, because the energy that is generated can be directly used in the building itself. This reduces energy costs and CO2 consumption. Facade modules fulfil all the requirements expected of a building envelope: They provide protection from the weather and they are stable as well as robust and long-lasting. What’s more, they leave room for creative ideas through their extensive range of colours. Allow yourself to be inspired!

A dash of colour for facades

We’ve printed a second “skin” onto our Skin-Module: Due to the structure of the printed image, the modules’ individual solar cells are hardly visible – creating a homogenous appearance. Despite this, the front glass which is printed with a colour screen still allows most of the radiation to pass through to the solar cells. The loss of power which adds up to merely 15 percent is very small compared to previous solutions. The design options are extremely versatile: The Skin-Module provides numerous colour options. This enables conventional designs to be enhanced and allows aesthetically appealing buildings to be developed which simultaneously produce energy.

Proven safety through overhead approval

Hidden beneath the colourful envelope of our monocrystalline facade module is our tried and tested double glazed module Enduro, in a classic glass on glass sandwich composite.  This means that it has the general building inspection approval of the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) and can be applied like laminated safety glass. Further benefits: The Enduro Skin-Module is light, robust and still extremely powerful, in spite of the colour application.

Long lifetime – perfect appearance

The colours we use have been applied in facade glass printing for many years and are highly durable. By applying the colours on the outside, we prevent the risk of delamination. The lamination process, as well as the embedding materials, correspond to the SI standards for our double glazed modules which have been tried and tested for many years. Together with our partners from facade planning, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for solar facades!

Individual precision work

Building-integrated photovoltaics is individual precision work: We develop ideal solutions for your special requirements. Our tailormade Skin-Modules grant you the greatest possible freedom in terms of design and construction. They are suitable for integration into existing buildings and for new buildings and are available in a number of variants: Formats of up to approx. two metres in length and a width of one metre, with a lamination thickness of maximum seven millimetres, is available for the framed variant. The standard sizes of framed SI modules are 1670 x 1000 mm. We offer frameless modules in formats of up to approx. three metres in length and a glass thickness of up to 13 mm.

„Modern architecture has to take responsibility for sustainability and environmental protection. A decisive contribution towards this is provided by the electrification of building envelopes by means of building-integrated photovoltaics. They not only provide green energy that is directly generated by and used on the building itself but they also additionally serve as a visual enhancement and a technical sunscreen, in order to reduce the entry of solar warmth into the building. We are happy to have found an outstanding partner in SI-Module for such suitable PV products.“

Wolfgang Frey, Architect for sustainable building