The solar carport system

SI-Carport with SI-Enduro-Modules

The attractive system solution for individual solar carports. A bright and dry space with solar roofing, made of translucent double glazed modules − for people and cars.

SI Module provides cost-efficient and flexible planning for expandable, completely integrated solar carports with the patented carport system by ClickCon. Due to the small number of components in the insert-and-click system, assembly is time-saving and cost-efficient. The lightweight yet extremely robust double glazed modules surpass conventional carport roofs in terms of rainproofing, architectural aesthetics and light transparency.

A component with a double benefit – your own solar power plant on your doorstep

The solar carport combines a classic parking facility for your car with the functionality of a high performance photovoltaic system: you are provided with a dry and light-flooded room for you and your car, thanks to a roof made of transparent double glazed modules, which simultaneously replaces roof cladding. Our lightweight and extremely robust double glazed modules are appealing due to their sophisticated appearance, their rainproofness and light transparency.

Overview in details

Number of parking spaces1 / 2 / 3

SI-Enduro nominal capacity3 / 6 / 8 [kWp]

Number of modules12 / 24 / 32 [pieces]

Size7×3 m, height according to requirements

All data and facts at a glance (Pdf in German. The English version is coming soon)

Product features CarPortsystem

  • Upgradable modular carport system
  • Rainproof photovoltaic in-roof system
  • Cost-saving and fast assembly due to click system
  • High static loads
  • Durable aluminium construction without rubber seals subject to abrasive wear and tear
  • Controlled drainage through rail construction

The assembly system

The ingenious, patented carport assembly system by ClickCon sets new standards in the full integration of photovoltaic modules on carport roofs. Due to the modular design of the carport system, any number of variations, ranging from a single to a multi-carport, is possible. Entire parking areas can be completely covered with transparent roofing and made weatherproof with a minimal amount of effort. The small and standardised number of components included in the insert-and-click system enable you to save time and money on assembly.

Project examples

PV-CarPort with SI-Enduro Modulen
CarPort with SI-Enduro Modulen
CarPort with SI-Enduro Modules
CarPort with SI-Enduro Modulen
PV-CarPort with SI-Enduro Modules
PV-CarPort with SI-Enduro Modulen
PV-CarPort with SI-Enduro Modules
PV-CarPort with SI-Enduro Modules

Product features of the high-tech module

  • Extremely lightweight double glazed module in a standard format as roof cladding
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Very high snow and wind loads (7200 Pa)
  • Premium module for superior requirements
  • Excellent carbon footprint reduction through the use of European components
  • Traceability of raw materials to manufacturer’s batch
  • Capacity guarantee of 30 years

SI Module manufacturing

  • Production exclusively in Freiburg
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • 100% EL tested
  • Careful selection of components
  • Continual process development
  • Certified production facility

SI Module technology

  • 3-busbar connector
  • Fully insulated cells
  • Interconnection with state-of-the-art laser technology
  • Anti PID technology
  • Ammonia corrosion testing IEC 62716
  • Salt spray test IEC 61701


Solar Carport inauguration

The official opening of the new solar carport in front of our company’s premises took place on 7 June! As of now you can fill up your electric vehicle with environment-friendly solar energy. Fill up with solar energy free of charge