10. June 2015

Double Glazed Module, Curved and with Pinstripes

SI Module GmbH presents Product Novelty at Intersolar 2015

“Curved” 5-busbar module, with higher efficiency rate

Freiburg, Munich, 09 June 2015.
The Freiburg-based solar manufacturer, SI Module GmbH, is above the curve: its current product novelty is a curved 5-busbar double glazed module with an increased efficiency rate of up to two per cent. The new “SI-Enduro Curved” module, with a performance of 270 watts peak, can be viewed for the first time at Intersolar in Munich, from 10 to 12 June. “With our new development, we are two steps ahead: we have succeeded in curving double glazed modules and, simultaneously, equipped them with the even higher performance 5-busbar technology,” Gregor Reddemann, CEO of SI Module GmbH, explains. As one of the first manufacturers worldwide, SI Module can produce the new 5-Busbar modules at its own production site, thanks to the new multi-tray stringer “Kubus”. The “Kubus” is the new development of the parent company M10 Industries AG.

Solar Module with Swing

A photovoltaic module of such elegance is truly rare: the new “SI-Enduro Curved” has a classy appearance, with its curved line and delicate, silvery pinstripes on a black background. The curve of the module corresponds to a radius of 4.8 metres. Generally, photovoltaic modules are flat, due to the brittleness of silicon cells. For the construction of the curved module, SI Module’s product developers succeeded in integrating the laminates into the pre-curved frame without placing strain on the cells. “The gentle curvature of the new modules provides room for completely new designs with PV elements – they can be used both concavely and convexly,” says Thomas Link, product developer at SI Module. The “curved” module is available as a double glazed “SI-Enduro” module with 2×2 mm double glazed glass in transparent, white or black. What is more, it is also available with bi-facial cells: the double-sided active solar cells can produce up to 25 per cent more electricity by additionally utilising diffuse sunlight on the rear side of the module. The new module is available in the performance classes of the SI-Enduro standard modules and is produced in Germany, as is the case with the entire SI Module portfolio.

Innovative 5-Busbar Technology

With the new “curved” module, SI Module also presents a module with the new 5-busbar technology for the first time. Up to now, market-based photovoltaic modules are produced with three busbars, as the majority of manufacturing lines are not designed for the soldering of additional busbars. Busbar refers to the cell connectors on the front of a solar cell to which they are connected. Due to the five contacts, the resistance in the cell is reduced and, as such, the efficiency level is increased by up to two per cent. “This modern technology is made possible by the use of the new “Kubus” stringer. The manufacturing facility at SI Module simultaneously serves as the technology & service centre of our parent company M10 Industries AG,” says Reddemann. “With this new technology, our SI modules for building integration look even more aesthetic, in addition to attaining a greater solar power yield. In so doing we also want to demonstrate that 5-busbar technology has entered industrial application.”

Additional information on the corporate group is available at and at or directly at the exhibition stand at Intersolar (10 – 12 June 2015, Munich Trade Fair Centre, hall A1, booth 350).

Additional Information on the Corporate Group

The new “M10-Solar Campus” competence centre, with its headquarters in Freiburg in Breisgau, merges the fields of development, production and technology with the two companies Si Module and M10 Industries AG: the solar manufacturer SI Module GmbH produces and distributes mono and polycrystalline high-performance modules, as well as double glazed modules for building integration. As a subsidiary of M10 Industries, the production facility also serves as the technology and service centre for the new “Kubus” high-performance stringer. M10 Industries AG develops and constructs facilities for the solar industry that are characterised by innovation, quality and high performance. All products of the corporate group are consistently manufactured in Germany.



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Double Glazed Module, Curved and with Pinstripes

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