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Why dream the dream of generating your own power?

The power of the sun is inexhaustible. The ability to capture this power by yourself, on your own roof, and to generate clean energy with it is a dream which you can translate into action today.

D The ideals of a few individuals have, in recent years, turned into a reality which is experienced by multitudes. Producing energy by yourself is easier than you think. As soon as the solar power plant on your roof has been connected, the sun will deliver your house with energy.

Solar power makes you independent. You can determine your electricity prices now for the next 20 years. At the same time, you are protecting the environment because every kilowatt hour of solar energy saves 700 grams of CO2 as opposed to conventional power generation.

Photovoltaic users are not only able to position themselves on the sunny side in terms of ideals but also in terms of tangible assets. Thanks to governmental funding, secure investment returns on the invested capital are already possible today. Furthermore, your solar system is tax deductible. You can invest in your solar power plant and make provisions for you and your family.

SI-Power modules on private houses

The roofs of private houses are frequently installed with our  SI-Classic-Line. The SI-Power modules are produced in various output categories from 260 to 275 Wp and are available in the colour variations Classic, Lucid Black and Black.


SI-Power Classic Edition 265 Wp
SI-Power Classic Edition 265 Wp
SI-Power Classic Edition 265 Wp
SI-Power Classic Edition 265 Wp
SI-Power Classic Edition 265 Wp
SI-Power Classic Edition 265 Wp

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