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New dimensions in architecture

Photovoltaics has opened up new dimensions and provided fresh impetus for the architectural sector. Solar technology, as an element in buildings, provides interesting design options for modern architecture and simultaneously produces renewable energy. When used as decentralised solar power plants, energy-saving buildings of this kind are able to contribute significantly to their own self-sufficient supply of energy.

Be it for a single family house or for public facilities: architects are now increasingly focusing on the integration of solar technology in building envelopes. The spectrum ranges from single solar components included in facades or in roofs, right up to energy-efficient all-in-one solutions such as zero or plus energy concepts. What they all have in common is the aesthetic and energy-related benefits which are gained through the integration of photovoltaic systems.

Tailor-made concepts

As an innovative solar manufacturer, SI Module sets itself apart in the solar architectural sector, particularly through individual solutions and tailor-made concepts. Our standard modules are available in many different variations – including one for your building project!

Our translucent double glazed modules, SI-Enduro in a standard format, or our new frameless design module SI-Saphir, which is also available in special format are, for example, ideally suited for aesthetic roofing and facades. And if your customer would like to produce solar energy as inconspicuously as possible: our new in-roof modules can be discreetly included in the roof cladding. Feel free to contact us! We will provide you with the ideal solution for your project.

We offer the following basic consultation to interested architects:

  • Ideal size of photovoltaic components to provide an economically and technically optimised solution
  • Photovoltaic modules as an integration solution
  • Climate, irradiation and ventilation
  • Sun shading
  • Selection of components (e.g. coloured cells)
  • Legal specifics
  • Made-to-order modules

Technology versus aesthetics?

  • A building has to correspond with the special characteristic features of a particular settlement. We believe that modern architecture also includes the integration of photovoltaic elements. We will be glad to advise you on this topic.
  • Technology and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive – on the contrary. Numerous examples demonstrate that, due to the integration of solar technology, buildings become more alive and elegant. This goes for old buildings as well as new ones.
  • Particular care has to be taken with the renovation of old buildings in order to maintain the character of the building. In-roof systems and dyed cells, as well as customised orders, provide sufficient options for subtle yet sustainable modernisation.

CarPort with SI-Enduro modules

Together with our partner Clickcon in Freiburg, we offer standardised  carports for 1 to 4 vehicles. Aesthetics and efficiency are of equal importance to us.

PV-CarPort mit SI-Enduro Modulen
CarPort mit SI-Enduro Modulen
CarPort mit SI-Enduro Modulen
CarPort mit SI-Enduro Modulen
PV-CarPort mit SI-Enduro Modulen
PV-CarPort mit SI-Enduro Modulen

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